Our mission


Here at Liberal Sport, our mission is what drives us forward to do everything we can to improve the quality of our athlete’s experience, on and off the field. 


Everybody is an athlete; it all starts with being confident to make that first step. We do this through progressive innovation, from product development to production methods, pushing the boundaries of what sportswear can be and not being limited to one ‘field’. 


We aim to leave a long-lasting, positive impact from our footprints as a brand and as a business.


Based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Liberal Clothing Ltd. Includes the Liberal UK and Liberal Sport brands.


Our vision


We have the vision, plan, and infrastructure in place to become one of the UK's most efficient and competitive sportswear brands. 


We aim to provide elite level product and service at a price point that is accessible.


We have a highly skilled team in place, consisting of highly experienced industry professionals, with proven track records at some of the most successful sportswear brands worldwide, as well as a production network that will supply nothing but the top tier of quality product, through consistent quality control and quality assurance methods in house.

Our history


Liberal Clothing Ltd. was established as a limited company in January 2017, however, we ran for two years as a partnership before that starting 2015.


We originally started, and still carry on running as Liberal UK, a streetwear brand, with the long-term mission of combining high fashion and sportswear, through the use of innovative materials, techniques and marketing materials such as photography, branding, and packaging.


Liberal now has two arms to the business, Liberal Sport and Liberal UK. Both with the main focal point being excellent quality levels in terms of product and service.